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Boer Goats for Sale

The Stormyridge goat herd was developed to graze the undesirable vegetation in the pasture. With a good Ram, the herd has increased and they do an excellent job of grazing off the forage the horses do not like. Some owners lease their herds to various groups for weed control.  Boers originated as meat goats but I have never used them in this manner.

Because of their pleasant and docile temperaments they make excellent 4-H project or buddies for single horses. The nannies are excellent mothers and the babies are hilarious to watch as they bounce and play. When I took rams to the sale, they all brought top dollar.

Boer goats coming home. Young blonde Boer babies

The Boer is an improved goat which is bred primarily for meat by many breeders.

At Stormyridge Appaloosa these goats are handled daily.
Stormyridge Appaloosa Boer goats earn their keep grazing the various forages in the pasture. A goatherd's work is never done.

The South African Boer registry was established in 1959.  The word Boer translates to English as "farmer."

Recent US performance tests demonstrate that exceptional individual Boer kids are capable of average daily gains above 0.94 lb/day (427 g/day) in feedlot. . . .

Calico, at two days old.
Boer mom taking care of newborn.

Since 1970 the Boer goat has been incorporated into the National Mutton Sheep and Goat Performance Testing Scheme making it the first goat breed involved in meat production performance testing.

The American Boer Goat Association registry was formed in June of 1993 to record and certify the relative breed purity of Boer and Boer cross goats in the United States.

Where is Mom?
Boer Nanny poses at three days-old..

Their color reminds me of the Appaloosa.

Information provided by http://www.boergoats.com/


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